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Emergency Dentistry

When you are experiencing dental pain, or have structural damage to a tooth, you should seek dental care immediately. At Monaco Dentistry, we want you to call us first when you have an urgent dental issue. Whether you are new to our practice or an existing patient, we will do our best to ensure you get the prompt care you need for your dental emergency. We have extended hours and can often see you the same day for urgent dental issues.

What is a dental emergency? It can be anything from a toothache to a trauma that jars a tooth loose or any time you have severe dental pain. A lost filling, a cracked tooth or a loose crown are all reasons to call our office to schedule an appointment. Cracked or unprotected teeth need quick repairs to ensure further damage does not occur. Whatever the issue may be, just call our office, and we will make sure we get you in as soon as possible for an exam and repair.

Urgent Dental Care

Toothaches are a sign something is wrong, usually inside the tooth. They should not be ignored or just covered up with pain medications. Sometimes it is a simple issue like decay that can be quickly repaired with a filling. In other cases, it may be a deep crack that is hidden from view or an infected tooth. Our team at Monaco Dentistry can find the cause of the pain and ensure it gets the treatment needed to protect your tooth and health. We offer expedient tooth repairs, root canal therapy and in severe cases, tooth extractions.

When you have a dental emergency in Hillsborough County, contact Monaco Dentistry for an urgent care appointment at our office in Apollo Beach. Our practice accepts many types of insurance plans to help cover your unexpected dental treatment, and we have payment options available.

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