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If there are particular dental services that people should never underestimate, these are cleanings and checkups. Not most individuals may know but, scheduling routine dental appointments is more than just keeping the teeth healthy; compromising one’s oral health may affect their overall wellness as well.  Continue reading below for more information about cleanings and checkups.

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How often should people see the dentist?

Dentists and even dental associations usually require patients to schedule their appointments every six months.

Is it the same for everyone?

Biannual visits work well for most patients; however, there are those who may need to see the dentist more often. For example:

  • People with a family history of cavities and plaque build-ups
  • Those who are suffering from gum disease
  • Patients whose bodies cannot fight off diseases and infections due to a weakened immune system
  • People who went ill or feel stressed out due to a particular event

For dental professionals to provide them with the right amount of care and attention, a different schedule for dental visits will be recommended.

For a first time visit, what are the things to prepare?

The dentist would want to know the state of a person’s oral health so that they may easily notice any problem or changes on future visits. Aside from dental health, they would be asking for some information about general health as well. To provide them with all the necessary information, here are the things to prepare:

  • Medical history and a list of current medications taken should be endorsed to the dentist. There are general health issues that can actually increase a person’s risk of developing oral complications. In the case of medicines, some can cause the mouth to dry up, which increases the risk of cavity formation. One other reason why these records are necessary is that for the dentist to know what to prescribe and what not to for the patient’s safety.
  • Patients should let the dentist know about the factors that can cause them to feel scared and anxious. Doing so gives them a heads up and allows them to include sedation dentistry when planning for the best course of dental care to take.
  • Do not feel embarrassed in letting the dentist know about anything that seems off in the mouth. Informing them about the change in sensitivity and formation of lumps or bumps can help them perform an early diagnosis.

By providing all these pieces of information, we at Monaco Dentistry hope that our patients would realize that scheduling routine dental appointments is as essential as the checkups performed for general health. Always remember that it is better to take proactive measures instead of being reactive.


Everyone deserves outstanding dental care services, that is why we provide Cleanings & Checkups in Apollo Beach, FL! Book your appointment with us at Monaco Dentistry and let us help you achieve beautiful and healthy teeth.

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