Help Your Teens Achieve a Straighter Smile with Invisalign Teen® in Apollo Beach, FL

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Teenagers are very different nowadays. Girls or boys, both became so conscious when it comes to their physical appearance. So if you are a parent, you have no choice but to give in to their demands of getting them trendy clothes, new shoes, and even bringing them to the dentist to fix their smiles. Having straight pearly whites is a big deal for teens as these white wonders are usually the first thing that people got to notice. Bad bites, crookedness, or gapped teeth, on the other hand, decrease their confidence in socializing with others.


Help Your Teens Now!

Save your teenagers from embarrassment! We at Monaco Dentistry provide an orthodontic treatment that is best suited for our young patients. It’s definitely not similar to the traditional metal dental appliance—Invisalign Teen® is more comfortable, removable, and a lot convenient to wear. It uses no brackets and wires that can be irritating in the mouth. What Invisalign Teen® utilizes is a set of clear aligners made from high-quality materials.


Facts About Invisalign Teen®

It is as effective as traditional braces

We all know how the conventional type of braces works well in mending mild to severe orthodontic cases, but our Invisalign Teen® can compete with them as well. With the proper observance of the dentist’s instructions, it is not impossible for patients to receive excellent teeth straightening results.

Invisalign Teen® is ideal for athletes

If your teens are into sports, it is probably normal for you to worry—not just because of the potential injuries that they may experience inside the court but also the possibility of damaging their braces. The good thing about Invisalign Teen® is that they can be easily removed from the mouth so wearers not only can eat the foods they love but play their favorite sports with full confidence as well.

Invisalign Teen® is not as expensive as you think

Many people refuse to straighten their teeth with the help of Invisalign clear aligners due to the fear of spending a bigger amount of money for the treatment. But in reality, the cost of Invisalign Teen® is not as overpriced as you perceive. Surprisingly, traditional braces and Invisalign Teen® may only have a slight difference when it comes to the cost. And if you are still concerned about your budget, we at Monaco Dentistry want you to know that we offer flexible payment options to all of our dear patients. Approach us if you have any questions regarding this.


Teenagers deserve the best smiles in the world! We at Monaco Dentistry encourage you to avail of our Invisalign Teen® in Apollo Beach, FL for your teens. Visit us now. We are located at 5076 N U.S Hwy 41 Apollo Beach FL 33572.

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