Cavity Prevention

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You only get one set of permanent teeth in your lifetime, and taking care of them is up to you. Your daily choices play a huge role in your oral health and cavity prevention. For the most part, people take their teeth for granted, despite how much they depend on them for eating, speaking and upholding the structure of their facial features.


Cavity prevention is a necessary part of your health. Both your oral health and your overall health are directly impacted by the health of your mouth and teeth. But here is the good news: cavity prevention is easy! By following the guidelines below, you can protect your smile.

  • Floss every day. Don’t roll your eyes! Flossing is actually more important than brushing, so if you are not flossing your every day your teeth will never be as healthy as they can be. Floss is the only tool designed to scrape bacteria-laden plaque from the teeth. With practice, it can become a natural part of your daily routine.
  • Brush frequently. After flossing, brushing helps to brush away the plaque that was loosened from the teeth. Brushing also helps to remove food particles that become stuck in the teeth after eating, as well as freshens your breath.
  • Visit your dentist regularly. Yes, life is busy and schedules are full, but neglecting regular dental visits will harm you in the long run. Regular dental visits prevent cavity development, gingivitis and decay; they also allow your dentist to fully examine your mouth for other serious health concerns.
  • Maintain a healthy diet. The foods and beverages that you consume have a direct impact on your mouth. Diets with too much sugar, acids and/or alcohol cause havoc on the health and strength of your teeth. A poor diet also negatively affects your overall health. Together, poor oral health and poor overall health put a strain on your immune system, causing it to function improperly. What you put into your mouth affects every aspect of your life.
  • Stop negative habits. Smoking, chewing tobacco, consuming too much alcohol, grinding your teeth, clenching your jaw or biting your nails – all of these negatively impact your oral health and make your teeth more vulnerable to cavities.


Cavity prevention is not hard! The simple steps above can help you protect your smile for a lifetime. Contact Monaco Dentistry today to schedule an appointment.

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